CCW Weapons Training

The Nevada concealed firearms LAW has been in effect since October 1, 1995, and requires all applicants to be photographed, fingerprinted and investigated, even those who currently hold a permit. The LAW was amended October 1, 2001, which allow out-of-state residents to apply for a Nevada concealed firearms permit.  Out-of-state residents may now apply for a Nevada concealed firearms permit from the Sheriff of any county in the State of Nevada.  Nevada residents may only apply to the Sheriff of the county in which he/she resides.

Any person who meets the following criteria may apply to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for a permit:

  1. A Nevada resident of Clark County 

  2. An out-of-state resident who received firearms training in Clark  County.

  3. 21 years of age or older.

  4. Not prohibited from possessing a firearm by State or Federal law.

  5. Successfully completes an approved firearms course in Clark County (paid for by applicant).

Pays the appropriate fees consisting of

1. New application


$100.25 - LVMPD

2. Renewal Application 

$65.25   - LVMPD

3. Renewal Application and Late Fee

$80.25   - LVMPD

4. Renewal Application (more than 120 days late)

$100.25 - LVMPD

Applications can be denied for reasons outlined in the Nevada Revised Statutes. Such reasons include:

  1. An outstanding warrant of arrest (including Traffic). 

  2. A felony conviction

  3. Judicially declared incompetent or insane.

  4. Habitual abuser of drugs or alcohol.

  5. A conviction for a violent crime including a misdemeanor.

  6. A conviction for domestic violence or stalking.

  7. Currently subject to a restraining order, injunction, or other order of protection involving domestic violence.

  8. Currently on parole or probation.

  9. A pending entry of a felony conviction or recent suspension of a sentence for a felony.

  10. Pending criminal charges

  11. False statements on the application.

All applicants must attend and successfully pass a firearms safety course approved by the Sheriff or another allowed by law. All applicants must qualify with the firearm(s) they wish to carry. All fees charged for courses or qualification must be paid by the applicant.

A Detailed instruction sheet will accompany the application package with a list of approved firearms instructors for courses and weapon qualification.


Applications are available at the following locations:

Bolden Area Command

1851 Stella Lake Street

(Martin Luther King & Lake Mead)

Downtown Area Command 

621 N. 9th Street

Las Vegas, NV 89101

Metro Police Plaza Desk

City Hall, Plaza Level

400 E. Stewart Ave.




Northeast Area Command

831 N. Mojave

(Washington & Mojave)

Northwest Area Command

9850 W. Cheyenne

(Cheyenne & Grand Canyon)

SouthCentral Area Command

4850 Las Vegas. Blvd. South

(LV Blvd. So.& Russell)


Southeast Area Command

3675 E. Harmon Ave.

(Harmon & Pearl)

Enterprise Area Command

6975 W. Windmill Ln

(Rainbow & Windmill)

Convention Center

750 Sierra Vista

(Swenson & Sierra Vista)


Laughlin Substation

101 Civic Center Way

Laughlin, NV

Boulder City Police Dept.

1005 Arizona Street

Boulder City, NV

Henderson Police Dept.

223 Lead Street

Henderson, NV


Mesquite Police Dept.

500 Hillside Dr.

Mesquite, NV

North Las Vegas Police Dept.

1301 E. Lake Mead Blvd.

North Las Vegas, NV

Overton Substation

320 N. Moapa Valley

Overton, NV

Applications can also be mailed to out-of-state residents.


Concealed Firearm Permits are valid for a period of 5 years and can be renewed for additional 5 year periods. Applicants must be fingerprinted and investigated. If you are a Clark County resident all firearms listed on the permit must be registered with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

A permit holder must carry the permit together with proper identification whenever they are in actual possession of the concealed firearm(s). The permit and proper identification must be presented to a peace officer upon request. Failure to produce the permit and proper identification carry a civil penalty of $25.00.

Carrying a concealed firearm without a permit is punishable by a category C felony.

Prohibited Locations

  1. A permit holder must NOT carry a concealed firearm into:

  2. Any facility of a law enforcement agency.

  3. A prison, city or county jail, or detention facility. 

  4. A courthouse or courtroom.

  5. A public airport and/or a public building that is located on the property of a public airport.

  6. A public building that has a metal detector at each public entrance.

  7. A public building that has a sign posted at each public entrance indicating that no firearms are allowed in the building.

  8. Any facility of a public or private school without written permission.

  9. Any facility of a vocational/technical school, or the University of Nevada, or Community College System without written permission.

  10. Any other building owned or occupied by the Federal Government, the state, or local government.

  11. Any other place where carrying a concealed firearm is prohibited by state or federal law.

The above provisions do not apply to a judge in the courthouse or courtroom he presides or employees with his authorization. They are also not applicable to the employee's of the above facilities. Violation of this section is a misdemeanor.

The CCW Detail is located 5880 Cameron Street. The office number is 828-3996.

Hours = Monday - Friday (excluding holidays), 8am - 3pm.



Following a review of the application, applicants will be given a referral for fingerprints and photograph to complete the application process.


Carry Concealed Weapons Classes in Las Vegas